Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Experience a unique relaxation therapy using the jewels from the shores of Mother NatureʼWaters held in the healing hands of a professional therapist. We use highest quality river bed basalt rock that will loosen muscles, encourage blood circulation and recharge your life force.

Starting from your inner core, the therapy will stimulate key meridians to release accumulated stress and will replenish vitally needed energy that flows to the nervous system. Our therapists will dissolve tension build up in tight muscles to ensure that your inner and outer cores are balanced and in tune…leaving you in a state of well being

What happens during a Hot Stone Massage?

Before you arrive, the therapist sanitizes the stones and healts them in baths of 120 – 150 degree water. The stones themselves are made of basalt which is a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat efficiently. These stones have also been smoothed by natural forces in the rivers in which they are harvested from.

The therapist will ask you to lay face down onto the table and begin working on your back with traditional massage techniques. They will soon after begin massaging your back holding the heated stone. As the hot stone cools, they will replace with another and continue until a specified time. The therapist may also leave the heated stones on specific points along your spine which will help relieve tensions and increase relaxation. Should the stones ever get too hot or pressure too intense, you can always ask the therapist to stop using the stones or request a different method of massage.

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