Lymphatic Drainage

Benfit of Lymph Drainage

Q1:What is Lymphatic drainage?

A1:The lymphatic system is the transport system inside the body, which including the lymph, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic nodes, lymphocytes and lymphatic organs. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to manage fluid levels in the body, filtering out bacteria and housing different types of white blood cells. Sometimes, vessels can get clogged or become stagnant which creates pooling and swelling which is not healthy. Good circulation is a must and Lymphatic Drainage is used to facilitate this process when it malfunctioning.

To bring oxgen, nutrients and water to the cells and recover the carbon dioxide, urea and other waste materials. Various physical discomforts can be resulted if the lymphatic circulation in body is not smooth0 and cause east-to-be corpulent constitution, what is worse, it can cause carcinoma. Lymphatic massage is to give push with hands and help lymph circulation and remove the toxin in the body. The main locations of lymph concentration point are in the collarbone, armpits, groin and the back of knee and so on.

Q2: If you are very health with standard stature, is it necessary for lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is of course necessary, because it is beneficial for the human body, the lymphatic massage can accelerate the elimination of body waste. Especially when you ……

1. Very fatigue, stay up late for work 2. The skin is rough and dark 3. Extremities ending are easy to have edema 4. Swollen pouches 5. Sedentary and lack of exercise 6. Unstable meal schedule

It should not hesitate and immediately do the lymph detoxification

Q3: My limbs are easily to be edema, the doctor of the Chinese medicine said that it was the toxin sedimentation, can I do the lymph detoxification?

A3: You can do the lymph detoxification of course, it helps to remove the toxic sediment, as long as the method is correct, the toxins can be gradually expelled from the body! Of course, you should find a professional lymphatic treatment doctor. The lymphatic hand-pushing treatment enhance the circulation of lymphatic, promote body health and with the miraculous effect on prevention of cancer. In normal circumstances, the lymph detoxification can be performed for anyone

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